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How to Save Energy in a Commercial Building

Between managing employees, creating schedules, and reviewing the books, business owners have a lot on their plates! Like most business owners, you’re probably aware of the significant impact energy consumption has on overall business profitability.

With your commercial HVAC system accounting for the majority of monthly energy costs, it’s crucial to have your units in tip-top shape to avoid excessive heating and cooling costs. For some additional helpful energy-saving tips and tricks, keep on reading!

Regular HVAC Maintenance

Like most mechanical systems, your business’ commercial HVAC system will require occasional maintenance to continue running smoothly. Regular maintenance can help maintain system efficiency while minimizing the need for repairs.

Aside from regularly changing the filters, your system will need professional maintenance to ensure all parts are working correctly and all components are cleaned. Dirty coils, ducts, and vents can all contribute to low efficiency, which results in more costly energy bills. Trust us, scheduling consistent maintenance for your commercial HVAC system will do a world of good for minimizing your business’ energy consumption.

Insulation is Key

One of the best ways to keep your business’ energy consumption low is by investing in additional insulation! If your commercial building has poor insulation, the air your HVAC system worked so hard to condition or heat is lost, contributing to energy waste.

In addition to adding insulation, inspect your building for any cracks that could allow air to leak out or in through. Ensure all gaps are sealed to protect your building’s energy efficiency!

Turn Off Electronics

A good rule of thumb for energy conservation is to turn off electronics that are not in use! In commercial buildings, items like fans, keyboards, or coffee makers can be unplugged until their subsequent use to help conserve as much energy as possible.

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