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Are Space Heaters Worth It?

When the weather starts to get chilly in Ohio, most of us turn indoors to stay cozy and comfortable throughout the winter season. The winters can be frigid and windy, leaving homeowners to determine the most effective heating solution for their property that won’t break the bank.

While space heaters may seem like a convenient way to keep your house warm without turning on the heat, you may want to think twice before you pull your unit out of storage. Keep reading to discover if space heaters are worth bringing indoors.

Pros and Cons


Space heaters are generally very simple to operate. Just plug it into a wall outlet, turn it on, set your desired temperature, and heat will soon generate.

Using your space heater in addition to your HVAC system can also be an excellent way to cut down on your heating bill. The unit will work hand in hand with your HVAC system to keep you warm and comfortable in your house.


While space heaters can be convenient, they also require constant supervision and attention. It’s essential to regularly check on the space heater to ensure nothing is blocking or covering the heating component. If you notice that your unit is running too hot or blows air excessively, turn it off immediately.

Potential Dangers of Space Heaters

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, every year, across the United States, thousands of house fires are started by space heaters. While many space heater accidents can be prevented by following the proper care and usage guidelines, some homeowners argue that the potential dangers of these units outweigh the minimal benefits.

If you can’t seem to part ways with your space heater, remember to follow these fire safety rules:

  • Never leave a space heater unattended
  • Do not connect the unit to an extension cord
  • Keep the heater away from flammable items
  • Review the instruction manual thoroughly before use

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