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When to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System

We understand the importance of keeping your business at a comfortable temperature for all employees and customers. After all, comfortable customers are happy customers! Commercial HVAC systems are an essential component to maintaining optimum comfort levels.

Many businesses may be running an old or simply outdated commercial HVAC system without even noticing. Unfortunately, inefficient systems can cost your business more in the long run, thanks to increased energy costs and less-than-impressive performance levels in older models. Here's when to know it's time to upgrade your business's HVAC system:

Older Systems

Nothing lasts forever, including your commercial HVAC system. If your system is around 15 to 20 years old, it's time to start considering a replacement. An HVAC upgrade can restore optimum energy efficiency and performance from your system.

Wear and Tear

The quality of your commercial HVAC products and the upkeep of maintenance can heavily impact the system's lifespan. If your system has skipped one too many tune-ups, a replacement may be necessary sooner rather than later.

Reduced Efficiency

Heating and cooling makes up a large portion of your commercial building's energy bill. If your facility relies on an inefficient system, it'll take more energy to maintain the ideal temperature. Therefore, it's best to upgrade your system to maximize both energy efficiency and monthly savings!

Frequent Repairs

If you have to schedule repairs for your business's HVAC system frequently, consider replacing the system altogether. If a major repair is needed, you may save more time and energy by upgrading the system. Our HVAC specialists at Robinson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can diagnose your commercial HVAC issue and provide an expert opinion as to if a replacement is necessary.

Commercial HVAC Services in Middletown

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