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The Best Temperature For Your Commercial Building

It’s the question many business owners ask themselves: what is the ideal temperature for a commercial building? You’ve probably experienced your fair share of office climates. We’ve all been stuck in an office that is either too cool or too hot to keep comfortable.

While individuals’ temperature preferences are unique, there’s a temperature range that can suit almost every employee and customers’ needs. Keep reading to learn more about the best temperature setting for your commercial building!

The Ideal Temperature

As a business owner, one of the many responsibilities that fall under your jurisdiction is ensuring the indoor environment is comfortable for all employees and customers. It’s important to remember that the best temperature for your business is the temperature that keeps the most individuals comfortable!

While you can expect to set your thermostat low in the summer and higher in the winter, it can be challenging to find the precisely perfect year-round temperature for your business—however, a comfortable temperature range for most falls between 60 and 76 degrees. Of course, this varies depending on your environment, but it’s a helpful guideline to keep in mind when adjusting the thermostat.

Your employees’ preferred temperatures may also be influenced by the location of their working areas. Some employees may be located near heat-generating equipment, while others may be near a breezeway or directly under an air vent. If your employees express temperature discomfort, consider the location of their workspace!

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