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Windows & Air Quality: Open or Close?

Spring has sprung, and summer is just around the corner, which means hot weather is here to stay for quite some time. While you may be tempted to open up your windows to let a cool breeze roll by to give your HVAC system a break, you might be doing your HVAC system a disservice. We break down when opening your windows might not be a great idea.

The Case For Opening Windows

Let us get one thing clear; you should open your windows occasionally to let in the fresh air. There is nothing wrong with getting fresh air into your home; it’s great to get rid of stale air. Stuffy homes can make you feel drowsy and stuck breathing in dust. While you should occasionally open your windows, timing is key!

Opening Windows and Indoor Temperature

So in the warmer months, if you have your AC running and turn it off to let in some fresh air, you might create irregular temperatures across your home and make your HVAC work harder later on. As warm air rushes into your home, cool air quickly dissipates, leading to warmer temperatures indoors.

While temperature rising a few degrees in your home is not a big deal at first glance, it does mean that the next time you turn on your AC, it will take more time to get the temperature back down. Keeping your windows closed keeps your home insulated and improves HVAC energy efficiency.


While hot air outside is annoying, you may also be letting in excess moisture when you open a window. HVAC systems help dehumidify a home by collecting excess moisture, but opening a window can make all that effort pointless rather quickly.

While you may be tempted to keep your AC running during the day and not at night, to open some windows, you will not be saving as much energy as you might think. While your AC is not running at night, you will need to run your AC system longer to offset the humidity build-up at night when it comes to the daytime.

What To Do

The best thing to do for your home is open windows when the weather outside has cooled down, and the air quality outside has improved. Please consult with our team to ensure that your indoor air quality is appropriately taken care of so you are not sealed inside a dirty and dusty air bubble. You not only want to stay cool during these warm months but also healthy.

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