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Middletown AC Replacement & Installation

Why You Should Consider AC Replacement

Oftentimes, an air conditioning unit that needs frequent repairs is reason enough to get a new system. However, there are many other reasons to install brand-new cooling systems in your Middletown, OH home or business.

These reasons may include:

  • The necessary repairs for your heating and cooling systems are becoming more and more expensive as time goes on
  • Your current unit is over 10 years old
  • Your current cooling system cannot keep up with the demands of your household or business and no longer keeps your house or office cool
  • Your current unit is leaking freon or uses environmentally toxic freon
  • Your current unit is not very energy efficient and you’d like a more efficient one

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced

  1. If your AC runs so much that your utility bills are too high – Properly functioning ACs both cool and rest periodically. If your AC is running all the time and never resting then it’s not operating optimally and should be at least inspected by our Middletown AC replacement experts.
  2. If your unit is too loud – We’re not talking about a little bit of noise, but if after countless repairs your AC is still making so much noise you can’t hear your TV then it’s time to get it replaced.
  3. Your home is too humid – Properly functioning air conditioners are designed to take humidity out of your home. If you’re noticing water accumulation on your windows or you’re sweating for no reason, then get your unit checked by our Middletown AC replacement professionals.
  4. You smell smoke or burning plastic – Bad smells are a telltale sign of an AC unit that is on the fritz. These smells are not only unpleasant to the nose, but they can be potentially harmful, especially to the elderly, young children, and those with asthma.

Maintain your new air conditioner with a maintenance plan

At Robinson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we take pride in all of the work that we do, and we are committed to customer satisfaction. When we perform air conditioning installation services, we make sure to properly measure your residential or commercial property so that we can fit you with a correctly sized HVAC system that will effectively circulate air throughout your house or business and evenly distribute it between the different rooms. We also make it a point to help you save money by helping you decide upon energy-efficient models, which require less energy and put off fewer harmful emissions. If you’re looking to save more money, we also offer a Preferred Customer Maintenance Plan.

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