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Middletown, OH Heat Pump Tune-Up

How Often Should I Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance?

Heat pump maintenance should be performed twice a year to optimize your system. The maintenance should be done in the spring and again in the fall. Because it’s used year-round to heat and cool your home, a heat pump that doesn’t receive semi-annual maintenance is more susceptible to issues that can lead to breakdowns. Regular maintenance will help you prolong the life of your heat pump, and make it more energy-efficient throughout the unit’s lifespan.

Signs That It’s Been Too Long Since Your Last Heat Pump Tune-Up

Issues can slowly develop over time if maintenance isn’t performed regularly. Common issues with your heat pump can include:

  • Weak heating or doesn’t switch from cooling to heating.
  • The temperature doesn’t change when the system is running.
  • The system is short cycling.
  • You hear strange sounds coming from your heat pump when it’s on.
  • Your utility bills are rising despite no changes in usage.

Benefits Provided By Heat Pumps

Smart Investment

Heat pumps are typically more expensive to install than other types of HVAC systems, but due to their overall efficiency, they’ll likely save you money in the long haul. With semi-annual maintenance, you can expect the system to last 15 years or more.

Environmentally Friendly HVAC Option

Heat pumps are among the most environmentally friendly types of HVAC systems. When you invest in a heat pump, it uses significantly less electricity to heat and cool your home. Additionally, no oil or gas is needed to operate a heat pump, making the heat pump system even more environmentally friendly.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Heat pumps tend to provide better indoor air quality than a furnace and air conditioner. When paired with ductless mini splits, you’ll eliminate air ducts in your home. Air ducts tend to be a great home for germs, contaminants, and allergens that can spread through forced air. Ductless mini splits only control the air in a zone and eliminate the need for ductwork, which can help prevent the spread of germs throughout the air in your home.

Why Choose Robinson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for Heat Pump Service?

When you work with Robinson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we offer free in-person estimates when it comes to heat pump installations. We make it easy for you to contact us, and a technician is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have an emergency with your heat pump system, we are ready to answer your call and come take care of the problem. We also offer a heat pump maintenance plan that makes it easy to keep track of all of your HVAC maintenance needs.

Schedule Your Heat Pump Tune-Up Today

If it’s time to have your heat pump serviced, give Robinson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., a call today. Our technicians are highly-trained and ready to take care of your heat pump maintenance needs. As a full-service HVAC company serving homeowners and businesses throughout Middletown, OH, and the surrounding areas, we can help with any problem you might experience.