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Zoned HVAC in Middletown, Ohio

Add a Zoning System to Your HVAC System

Nothing is better than being able to enjoy the summer or winter season from the comfort of your own home. However, for people without adequate heating or air conditioning, these seasons can be the worst in Ohio, with frigid winters and humid summers affecting virtually every part of the home. If you don’t have a zoning system attached to your HVAC system, you might also find yourself with hot temperatures and cold rooms in certain parts of the house, making it incredibly uncomfortable for some people in the home.

The fix for this very common problem is to install a zoned HVAC system with the help of Robinson Heating and Air Conditioning! This can help you prepare your Middletown, OH home for the winter and summer seasons, as well as make sure every room (and person) in the home is comfortable!

Can’t I Use Mini-Splits Instead?

Many people might think that an HVAC zoning system is the same as a ductless mini-split system. Ductless mini-splits are also a great way to heat or cool certain areas of the home. They are simple to install, and consist of individual indoor units attached to a single or multiple outdoor units. As the name suggests, these types of mini-splits do not have ductwork, so air is blown directly into the room through a heat pump.

However, although ductless mini-splits can work as a zoned HVAC system for smaller homes, it can be difficult to remove your existing ductwork and central air conditioning system and replace them with mini-splits. This is where a zoned HVAC system can help! An HVAC zoning system can be installed into an existing HVAC system and uses dampers located throughout the ductwork in the home. These dampers can help control the temperature settings in certain zones of the home by redistributing the air flow from the air handler, and can be installed into an existing heating and cooling system involving ductwork.

Benefits of Zoned HVAC System in your Ohio Home

There are many benefits to installing an HVAC zoning system into your Ohio home. If you don’t already have a heating and cooling system installed, or are going to completely renovate your existing system, an HVAC zoning system has many benefits including:

  • Energy Savings. Instead of turning on your air conditioner or heater for your entire home, you can focus on a single part of the home and cool or heat it to your liking.
  • Provides comfort for different family members. Whether you have children, older adults, or even tenants living in the home, an HVAC zoning system is a great way to improve their comfort levels and allow them to set their own temperature (without fighting over the thermostat).
  • Keep different rooms cool or hot based on their set-ups. If you have a room in the home with poor insulation, lower ceilings, or large windows, these rooms can often be hotter than the rest. Find a healthy balance to keep the entire house the same temperature.
  • Improve your air quality throughout the home. Any type of HVAC system can help clear out debris and improve humidity levels in the home. A zoned HVAC system can ensure even the most stuffy rooms receive proper ventilation and cool or warm air.

An HVAC company will be able to determine the different zoning areas within your home. They will also be able to get your ductwork system set up to meet your home’s heated or cooled air needs. For instance, if you plan on adding extra rooms to the home or converting certain rooms, our HVAC experts will inform you of the best decisions for your HVAC zoned system.

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