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Adjusting the thermostat

How to Figure Out Where Your Thermostat Belongs

Placement of Your Thermostat

Your thermostat is the core component of your heating and cooling system. Every homeowner wants their thermostat to read their home's temperature correctly, but location can significantly impact accuracy.

Start With the Room

If you want to measure your home's average temperature, place the thermostat in a central or "average" location. Family rooms or living rooms are typically safe spots, as they are commonly located in the center of homes.

Try to pick a room that is used frequently. After all, that will most likely be the room where you'll want prime temperature control. You'll be glad you placed the thermostat in a convenient and central location that is accessible to all family members.

Stay Away From Windows and Doors

Placing your thermostat near drafty windows and doors can throw off your thermostat's temperature reading. Depending on the season, open doors and windows can either let in warm bursts of air or chilly breezes. These gusts of wind can affect the temperature near the thermostat and potentially turn on your heater or air conditioner when it's not necessary.

Additionally, placing your new thermostat near a window can open the possibility of direct sunlight shining head-on. Thermostats in sunlight tend to read inaccurately. Keep this in mind when searching for the ideal location.

How High Should a Thermostat be Mounted?

Now that you've found the perfect room and wall to place your thermostat, it's time to set it at an ideal height. Thermostats should be installed approximately 52 to 60 inches above the floor.

If your thermostat is in an ideal location but is reading inaccurate temperatures, consider evaluating its location on the wall. Height is key: if your thermostat is placed below 52 inches, the thermostat could read too low, and if your thermostat is set above 60 inches, it could result in higher readings.

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