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Help! My Furnace’s Pilot Light Went Out

When the weather gets chilly, many of us turn to our furnaces to keep us and our households warm for the months to come. One furnace problem homeowners frequently face is when the pilot light goes out. While this isn't a reason for immediate concern, it's a good idea to take a deeper look at your unit to ensure everything is operating correctly before it's relit.

If your pilot light has recently gone out, or you hope to build on your current furnace knowledge, you've come to the right place! We're here to help you discover what could be causing your pilot light problems. Here are some important details you should know:

Why did my pilot light go out?

There are several reasons why your pilot light could have gone out. Some are simple fixes, while others may require professional assistance as they are more involved.

Air Flow

Similar to a candle, your pilot light can be blown out by a gust of wind or a leaking air duct. This is relatively simple to resolve, as it just needs to be relit by you or with the help of a professional. If your pilot light goes out and you're hoping to relight it on your own, follow the instructions for your specific unit, and if you run into any problems, give our experts at Robinson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. a call for assistance!

Gas Shutoff

The pilot light requires natural gas to continue burning, so if you shut the gas off, your pilot light will go away as well. Turn the gas back on and relight the pilot light!

Furnace Needs to be Cleaned

Have you been keeping your furnace tidy? If you've been skipping professional maintenance, it could hinder your system's performance and even affect how well your pilot light burns. Remember: your pilot light should be bright blue, not yellow or red!

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