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Hamilton, OH AC Installation

Signs It’s Time for AC Replacement

Here are some common indicators that it’s time to have a new AC system installed:

  • Age – If your HVAC unit is over 15 years old, age becomes a crucial factor. Many warranties expire after 10 years, which can make future repairs significantly more expensive. Consult your HVAC technician to determine the age of your system. 
  • Expensive Repairs – Continuously investing in repairing your air conditioning system or encountering a costly repair suggests that it may be more cost-effective to replace the system rather than repair it. 
  • Use of R-22 Freon – R-22 freon, previously used in air conditioning systems, is harmful to the environment. Modern AC units use a different refrigerant, making it difficult to find R-22 freon for repairing older systems. Upgrading to a new system ensures more affordable repairs for refrigerant leaks. 
  • High Energy Bills – Unexplained spikes in energy bills without a corresponding heatwave are often indicative of AC issues. If your system has been repaired multiple times without improvement in energy costs, a new system can restore energy efficiency.

Choosing a New Cooling System

When selecting a new central air conditioning system for your Hamilton, OH home, consider the following factors:


Determine your budget before exploring air conditioning systems. Robinson Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. offers a range of brands to accommodate various budgets. We assist in finding incentives and manufacturers’ rebates to help you find a system that balances comfort and affordability.

Noise Levels

Take into account the noise levels of HVAC units. Air conditioning units come with noise ratings, and it’s essential to ensure that the noise level is tolerable, especially if the unit is placed near bedrooms or other quiet areas of your home.

Efficiency Rating

Each air conditioning unit has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. Higher SEER ratings indicate greater energy efficiency, although units with higher ratings may be more expensive.


To maximize your air conditioner’s lifespan, it’s crucial to hire a professional HVAC company for installation. Professional installation by us ensures proper setup, and it also helps maintain manufacturers’ warranties. 

Rely on Robinson Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. for Reliable Air Conditioner Support

When you choose Robinson Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. for the installation of your new air conditioning system in your Hamilton, OH home, you can rely on us for comprehensive air conditioning services throughout the system’s lifespan. Opting for the same company for installations, repairs, and maintenance offers several advantages. The technicians who installed your unit are already familiar with its design, making it easier to diagnose any issues during repairs. Additionally, the installation company may have exclusive access to proprietary information, tools, or parts necessary for repairs.

Regular maintenance by the same company can prolong your air conditioner’s lifespan. They possess knowledge of its history and can identify potential issues before they escalate. Routine maintenance improves efficiency, reducing energy consumption and saving you money. Establishing a long-term relationship with a reputable HVAC installation company provides peace of mind, knowing you can rely on them for quality repairs and maintenance. Trust Robinson Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. to deliver the HVAC services you deserve.

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