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Springboro, OH Air Conditioning Installation Services

Determining the Right Time to Replace Your AC Unit

Recognizing the signs that indicate the need for a new AC system is essential. Here are some common reasons why it may be time to consider air conditioning replacement in Springboro, OH:

Costly Repairs

Continuously investing in repairs for your air conditioning system or facing a particularly expensive repair may make replacing the unit a more cost-effective choice.

Aging Unit

If your HVAC unit is over 15-20 years old, age becomes a crucial factor in deciding whether to replace it. Many system warranties expire after 10 years, making future repairs significantly more expensive. One of our trusted HVAC technicians can help determine the age of your system.

High Energy Bills

Unexplained spikes in energy consumption, unrelated to heat waves, often indicate underlying problems with your air conditioner. If your system has undergone multiple repairs without any improvement in energy bills, a new system can restore energy costs to a more comfortable level.

R-22 Freon

Older air conditioning systems that utilize R-22 freon can pose environmental risks. Since it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find R-22 freon for repairs, upgrading to a new system not only resolves this issue but also makes refrigerant leaks more affordable to fix.

Key Considerations for a New Cooling System

Choosing the right central air conditioning system for your Springboro, OH home can be challenging. Here are primary factors to consider:

  • Budget – Start by establishing your budget for a new air conditioning system. Robinson Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. offers a range of air conditioning brands, providing you with various options that align with your budget. We can assist in identifying incentives and manufacturers’ rebates that you may qualify for, making a comfortable and affordable system accessible.

  • Noise Levels – Take into account the noise rating of HVAC units, ensuring that you can tolerate the noise level. While louder units may be more budget-friendly, it’s crucial to consider the placement of the unit in your home. A noisy unit positioned near your bedroom window may not be ideal for peaceful sleep.

  • Efficiency Rating – Each air conditioning unit has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. Higher SEER numbers indicate greater energy efficiency. However, units with high SEER ratings may come at a higher cost.

  • Professional Installation – To maximize the lifespan of your air conditioner, it’s vital to entrust the installation to a professional HVAC company. Not only does this ensure proper installation, but it also protects manufacturer warranties, which may become void if the system is not installed by a certified heating and air conditioning company. 

Rely on Robinson Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. for Reliable Air Conditioner Support

Choosing Robinson Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. to install your new air conditioning system in your Springboro, OH home means you can depend on us for a range of quality air conditioning services throughout the system’s lifetime. Opting for the same company that performed the installation for repairs and maintenance offers several advantages. The technicians who installed your unit are already familiar with its design and configuration, facilitating easier diagnosis of any future issues. Additionally, the installation company may possess proprietary information, tools, or parts necessary for repairs that might not be available to other service providers.

Regular maintenance from the same company extends the lifespan of your air conditioner, as they are acquainted with its history and can identify potential issues before they escalate. Moreover, regular maintenance enhances the unit’s efficiency, reducing energy consumption and ultimately lowering your energy bills. Establishing a long-term relationship with a reputable HVAC installation company like Robinson Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. provides peace of mind, knowing you can rely on them for high-quality repairs and maintenance services whenever the need arises. Experience the exceptional HVAC services you deserve by entrusting your air conditioner to Robinson Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.!

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