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West Chester, OH Furnace Installation Services

When Should I Install a New Furnace?

Furnaces are essential for keeping your home warm and cozy during the chilly winter months. However, like all mechanical equipment, furnaces don’t last forever. So, how do you know when it’s time to install a new furnace? Here are some factors to consider:

  • Age: Furnaces typically last between 15-20 years. If your furnace is reaching or has exceeded this age range, it’s probably time to start thinking about a replacement.

  • Frequent Repairs: If your furnace needs frequent repairs and continues to break down, it may be time to consider a new furnace. Constant repair costs can quickly add up, making it more cost-effective to replace the furnace altogether.

  • Poor Temperature Control: If you’re experiencing uneven heating throughout your home, this could be a sign that your furnace is no longer functioning efficiently. A new furnace can help provide consistent and comfortable temperatures throughout your home.

  • High Energy Bills: A furnace that is no longer functioning efficiently can result in higher energy bills. If you’re experiencing a sudden and significant increase in your heating costs, it may be time to consider a new furnace.

What to Consider When Buying a New Furnace

When it comes to buying a new furnace, there are numerous factors to consider. From size to energy efficiency, each element holds critical significance in ensuring a comfortable and cost-effective environment in your home. Below is a detailed list of the top factors you need to consider before making the buying decision.


The size of the furnace directly affects its efficiency and effectiveness in heating your home. If you get a furnace that is too small, it will struggle to keep your home warm during the cold months. Meanwhile, an oversized furnace will consume more energy than necessary, leading to higher bills and comfort issues. It’s important to work with a qualified HVAC company to ensure your new furnace is sized properly for your home.

Fuel Type

There are different types of furnaces in the market that use either natural gas, electricity, oil, or propane fuel. You need to evaluate the fuel sources available in your area and choose the most cost-effective solution for heating your home.

Energy Efficiency

Furnaces are ranked based on their Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. The AFUE measures the amount of fuel the furnace converts to heat compared to the fuel it consumes. Furnaces with high AFUE ratings, typically above 90%, are the most energy-efficient and can help save you significant amounts of money in the long run.

Noise Level

A noisy furnace can be frustrating and disrupt your peace of mind. Consider investing in a furnace with a sound-insulated blower compartment that reduces noise pollution. Additionally, many modern furnaces come with variable-speed motors that also reduce the amount of noise produced by the unit.

How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

The cost of a new furnace can vary based on a variety of factors, including the size of the furnace, the efficiency rating, and the brand. At Robinson Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., we offer financing options to make purchasing a new furnace more affordable and convenient for our customers. Our team can help you choose a furnace that fits your budget and install it quickly and efficiently.

Additional Furnace Services

At Robinson Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., we offer comprehensive furnace services to help you out over the life of your new furnace. This includes furnace repairs and maintenance services to ensure your furnace is running efficiently and effectively.

  • Furnace Repairs: If you’re experiencing issues with your furnace, our team of experts provides efficient and cost-effective repairs. We offer emergency repair services and can quickly diagnose and fix any problems with your furnace. 
  • Furnace Maintenance Services: Regular maintenance can help keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently, reducing the risk of future problems. Our Preferred Customer Maintenance Agreement provides routine maintenance services to ensure your furnace is operating at its best all year round.

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If you’re experiencing problems with your current furnace or considering a new furnace installation in West Chester, OH, contact Robinson Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. Our team of experts can help you with all of your furnace needs, ensuring that your home stays warm and cozy throughout the winter.

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