3 Holiday Heating Tips


Before opening your home to loved ones this holiday season, take time to ensure your guests’ comfort by addressing areas where your home is losing expensive heat. Not only will your visitors thank you, so will your budget. The following tips will also slash your heating costs this winter.

Plug Your Fireplace

Nothing evokes holiday warmth like a crackling fire. Unfortunately, when a yule log isn’t blazing, your fireplace is allowing precious heat to escape through the chimney. A chimney plug is a simple solution. When the fireplace isn’t in use, an inflatable chimney plug creates a seal to keep cold air out and warm air in.

Seal Your Windows

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates up to 30 percent of heat is lost through windows. That’s painful when you consider that heating is the largest energy expense in your home. These DIY solutions will help minimize heat loss.

  • Use a window film kit: Cover large picture windows with plastic film and blow-dry for an airtight fit. The material will prevent drafts and curb heat loss to increase energy efficiency.

  • Use window treatments: Insulated window curtains feature a thick liner to reduce heat exchange and convection. Use tape or magnets or Velcro to attach the drapes to the wall for maximum effectiveness.

Insulate Electrical Outlets

Light switches and electrical outlets are common sources of drafts that many homeowners overlook. Fortunately, there’s an easy and inexpensive solution. With a socket insulation kit, you can place a thin insulating pad between the outlet and the faceplate. It’s a small step that will make a big difference in your comfort.

Schedule an HVAC Tune-Up

Your furnace worked hard all last winter to keep you warm. Routine maintenance will rejuvenate your system, ensuring the blower, motor, belts and heat exchanger are all in good working order. A tune-up will also help guard against and HVAC breakdown, which is the last thing you want when your hosting family.


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