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3 Tools For Beating Summer Humidity


Many of us are anticipating the arrival of warmer weather and taking advantage of the seasonal activities of summer. After returning home from a long day at the pool or a tropical family vacation, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than walking into a hot and humid home.

High heat and high humidity can make any day feel overwhelmingly hot! Not to worry, our cooling and indoor air quality experts at Robinson are here to provide you with the essential tools that can help you prepare for the humid days ahead.

1. New Furnace & AC With Humidity Control

Newer HVAC systems allow you to add humidity control to them during installation. The newer circuit board based furnaces give you the option of installing a controller (a thermostat with a humidity control built-in) that will lower the fan speed of the furnace which will draw out more humidity from the air than it will during a normal AC cooling cycle. This will not only help you keep your home’s humidity level at the recommended 30-50% range, but will also help homeowners with wood floors keep their floors from warping or swelling. 

2. AC Units

Your current air conditioner can also be of service! Even keeping a window unit running can help pull excess moisture from the air and prevent heat-related sickness like heat exhaustion. If you’re conscious of energy consumption this summer, sticking to a low setting can help keep those summertime energy bills low.

3. Exhaust Fans

One of the best ways to help combat summer humidity is to flip the switch on an exhaust fan. They are often located in the bathroom and kitchen. These exhaust fans can help pull as much humidity as possible out of the air after taking a steamy shower or boiling water for pasta.

We recommend running your exhaust fans for at least 30 minutes after cooking or showering to avoid excessive heat and humidity in your home.

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