Breakup With These 4 Heating Myths


In an effort to heat our homes more efficiently, some of us may have picked up some bad habits. Below are four practices that we encourage homeowners to avoid as they will not only fail to lower your energy bills but also cause additional problems.

How to Heat Your Home More Efficiently

1. Closing Doors and Vents to Unused Rooms

It sounds like common sense to close the air vents to unoccupied rooms. Now, if you owned a heating unit with proper zoning capabilities, this would be acceptable. Zoned heating systems are variable-speed and can make adjustments when zones are opened or closed.

However, if you own a single-speed unit, which operates at 100% capacity all the time, this type of “zoning” will only backfire on you. Even closing the doors is bad because closing off areas of the home creates pressure in the ducts, putting stress on the unit and wearing down the motor and compressor.

2. Cranking Up the Thermostat for Quicker Heating

Cranking up the thermostat does not make a single-speed heating unit blow out faster. All you’ll do is cause the system to run longer than you intended and reach a temperature higher than is ideal for energy savings. Therefore, you’ll want to keep your home between 65-68 degrees throughout the day. This will help make a big, noticeable difference while keeping your home as comfortable as can be!

3. Turning Off the Thermostat When You’re Away

Rather than turning off the thermostat altogether, you can set it at around 55 degrees during the winter months while you’re on vacation. The main concern here is that if you let the temperature get extremely low, the system will be forced to work harder to bring it back up.

4. Depending Solely on the Fireplace for Heat

Conventional wood and gas fireplaces will not heat your entire home. In fact, they may wind up sucking warm air out of your home. Some options, though, such as pellet stoves, do have the ability to heat a whole house.

Did You Encounter a Problem With Your Home’s Heating System?

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