How To Beat Dry Winter Air In Your Home


How Humidifiers Can Maintain Comfort

Humidity is an element that is often forgotten in the comfort equation – until it gets out of control. Humidity is a measure of the moisture content in the air. A 2018 study ranked Ohio 13th on a list of the states with the highest relative humidity. But humidity changes with the weather. As winter rolls around, humidity drops dramatically and can have profound effects on your home environment. Here’s how to beat the low-humidity season with a humidifier:

  • Keep Your Home at the Ideal Humidity: According to the Mayo Clinic, a healthy humidity level is between 30 and 50 percent. If it gets lower than 30 percent, it may cause dry skin, nasal and throat irritation, and eye itchiness. Too high humidity, which usually happens during the summer months, can make your home stuffy and create an environment conducive to bacteria, mold, and dust. Humidity can be measured by a hygrometer, which can be found at a local hardware store. There are also humidifiers with a built-in hygrometer.
  • Use a Humidifier to Reduce Your Home’s Dryness: Several types of humidifiers can regulate the humidity in your home. You’re likely most familiar with ultrasonic, impeller, or steam humidifiers, which produce a mist that is either regulated by temperature or through its delivery to reduce humidity. An evaporator will blow air by a fan through a moist wick. And a central humidifier is one that is installed with your primary HVAC system, therefore being able to cover your entire home, or wherever your system can reach.
  • Clean Your Humidifier: Whichever type you choose, you should set up a consistent cleaning schedule for your humidifier. If you neglect regular cleanings, your device can start to harbor some of the dangers you were trying to avoid, like bacteria and mold. Make sure to change the water often, if applicable, and change out the filters. When you’re not using it, make sure it is completely dry before storage. For a central humidifier, follow the instructions for maintenance or contact your local HVAC technician.

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