How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer


As the temperature rises outdoors, we tend to turn our temperatures down indoors and crank up the AC.

This can cause your unit to be overworked and also rack up the energy bills.

Windows and Doors

Your air conditioning system works best when you use other methods to your advantage, this way your system is releasing some of the burdens when working constantly during the summer.

Keep Your Blinds Closed

If your windows receive direct sunlight, you will want to block it during the day. You can keep your blinds closed, install blackout curtains, or even apply heat reducing film to the windows to help keep the heat out.

Open Windows At Night

Hot summer days can be followed by cool breezy summer nights. Take advantage of the outdoor air and open or crack your windows at night. The cool breeze may help all members of the household sleep better as it circulates throughout the home.

Keep Doors Open

When running your AC and trying to cool the entire home, keep your interior doors open to help the air circulate freely through the space.

If you have a ductless system, use the versatility to cool each room that you are using. This will help save energy and money.

Air Flow

Circulation of air in your home can help keep every room cool.

Increase the Use of Fans

Install or use ceiling fans. The moving air can help you feel cooler and create movement and circulation throughout the room.

To help push cool air down to the floor, remember to have your fans spinning counterclockwise during the summer.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

If you haven’t had your yearly maintenance or tune-up completed for your air conditioning, be sure to do so before your system breaks instead of beating the heat.

When your AC seems to be having issues, do not ignore them, it can cause bigger issues that could result in costly repairs or even require a complete replacement.

Paying attention to your air filter can also help with the efficiency of your system. If you have not changed it within the past 2-3 months, you should consider changing it this summer.

You will also want to make sure your air conditioner is free of debris. Branches, leaves, and other particles can obstruct the outdoor unit causing it to be less efficient.


If you have a programmable thermostat, use it to help keep your home cool.

If you do not, consider installing one so when you are out of the house all day, it can help reduce the temperature prior to you arriving home to turn it on.


Planting For Shade

If you have sun beating in your windows most of the day, it can cause your AC to work harder. Consider planting plants or trees to shade your home from the sun. It is not only effective but increases the curb appeal of your home.


Those hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill are classic summer meals. They don’t only taste good, they help keep your home cool.

How? Well, cooking inside your kitchen with your oven or stove can cause the indoor air to heat up, especially near the kitchen.

Moving the feast outside and turning it into a barbecue can help remove the extra heat from the home.

This fun tip can also help you learn new recipes to use when grilling all year long.

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