Scary Home Heating Myths


Heating season is creeping upon us, and you’ll want to ensure your system is ready to efficiently heat your home.

Heating is one of the biggest energy costs within your household, and it can spike when your system isn’t running correctly.

These common myths may be fooling you while trying to save money.

Beware of Closed Vents and Doors

If you do not have a mini-split system installed, your heating system is sized to heat your entire home, and is usually running throughout the house when it’s on!

Closing vents or doors to rooms not in use is a common misconception. Many think it will result in the space you want heated to warm up quicker, but instead it causes pressure build-up.

It may waste energy, money, or create leaks from pressure build-up, meaning you’ll need to pay for repairs.

Spooky Space Heaters

Space heaters come with safety risks, and although they seem to heat a space well, shouldn’t that be the job of your home heating system?

If you have cold pockets within your home, it could be a sign your system needs repairs. Before purchasing a space heater, or grabbing on out of the garage, consider calling a professional to figure out why your home’s heating isn’t working properly,

Maintenance Matters

Don’t wait until the system breaks down to get it looked at. Seasonal maintenance and care is crucial to lengthening the lifespan of your system.

It can save you money in the long run and prevent breakdowns and problems.


Your thermostat is a huge part of your system. Today you may even be able to control it from your smartphone.

Just because of the convenience of the control, doesn’t mean you should turn it off or crank it up when coming and leaving your home.

Although turning off may seem to save you some dollars, it takes a huge strain on your system and can contribute to its lifespan.

Instead, when you are away from your home, don’t turn it off, turn it down a few degrees. This way the system isn’t working so hard to restart every time you head home.

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