What Happens When Homeowners Skips HVAC Maintenance


Many homeowners assume you do not need HVAC maintenance when your HVAC is running smoothly, but failing to schedule and complete maintenance can severely impact your system.

Just like any system, over time your HVAC system will wear down and need repairs or to be replaced. By skipping regular routine maintenance, you are subtracting years off of your systems life span.

You should treat your HVAC like you’d treat your car. Cars and HVAC systems are both mechanical pieces of equipment and need regular service. We buy or trade-in cars about every 5 years and have them serviced regularly, but if we never serviced them, they wouldn’t run and we wouldn’t be able to drive them.

We expect our HVAC systems to last 15-20 years, but we never think about them until they break down or need repairs.

Less Efficiency

When you skip maintenance on your HVAC system, particles or pollutants can obstruct your filters and your system.

Obstructions, big or small, can lower the efficiency of your system between 5 percent and 15 percent.

You will miss the diagnosis of any issues including leaks in your ducts, dirt, or dust in and around the evaporator coil, bent pieces of your HVAC, or clogs/dirty air filters.

Higher Bills

You may be trying to save money by skipping your seasonal HVAC maintenance, but it could actually end up costing you more.

When your system gets worn down, it begins to work harder and use more energy to compensate. This will make your energy bill rise and over the months you skip HVAC maintenance, you’ll likely end up spending more than what you would have to get your system inspected.

Uneven Temperatures

When your AC or heating system is turned on, it doesn’t always mean it is doing its job. It is possible for your system to be on and running, but not supplying the heating or cooling you need.

You may notice uneven temperatures throughout your home or your system blowing out straight air with no heating or cooling element to it.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

The more time you go without maintenance, the more pollutants, such as mold and dust, will build up.

Going too long without changing your air filter, or cleaning your air ducts can make your system less efficient, making it miss the pollutants that should be getting filtered out of your indoor air.

Next time you decide if you should skip your HVAC maintenance, remember it can impact your system efficiency, cost you more money over time, and impact your indoor air quality.

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