Why You Should Stop Using Chemical Cleaners


Q: What’s a weekly task that most homeowners have in common? A: Cleaning their house! While each individual’s cleaning list may vary (i.e., some may start in the living room, while others may begin by cleaning the bathroom), typically, they all use chemical cleaning agents to get the job done.

Although these cleaning solutions are tough on stains and can make a difference, they aren’t the greatest to use in the long run — here’s what to consider:

What Are the Downsides of Chemical Household Cleaners?

Negatively Impact Your Well-Being + Indoor Air Quality

One of the primary ingredients in many household cleaners is ammonia — which, as many homeowners know, has a potent, unpleasant scent. And just like many cleaning agents on the market, a strong lingering odor indicates that the spray bottle solution you’re using may be packed with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) — which are released into the air when you use the product.

When this happens, those invisible airborne particles will linger around much longer than you think, which can pose a significant risk to your respiratory system. They can also take a negative toll on your indoor air quality, especially if they’re being used in a poorly ventilated area. However, there are a few ways you can still get the job done in your home, without posing a risk.

What Are Safer Ways to Clean My Home?

Look for Products That Don’t Contain VOCs

As mentioned earlier, volatile organic compounds are harmful to your home and pose a risk to your health. However, if you’re looking to purchase cleaning products, make sure you read the label of each cleaning agent first. You’d be pleasantly surprised to see that some do not contain VOCs or have very low levels of VOCs.

Use Natural, Simple Methods to Clean

While there are green cleaning agents on the market, some of them — shockingly — are not 100% “green.” Many have hidden chemicals within them. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best way to clean, opt for natural, simple methods to do so.

For example, the American Lung Association states that warm water and soap are an effective way of cleaning, as well as using vinegar and water to clean glass surfaces.

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